3021 Ad The Bounty Hunter Gigablox Slot Machine Review: All Feature

3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox is a slot born from a collaboration between Reflex Gaming and Yggdrasil Gaming. It falls under the theme of science fiction, and is a perfect representation of what planet Earth could be like in 1000 years. As a video type slot, it has a 6 reel configuration and 40 paylines.

Thanks to its HTML5-like technology, the game is suitable for any type of device (computer and mobile devices). Reflex Gaming invites all players to have fun while trying to imagine what life on earth could be like in 3021.

Have you ever wondered what the earth could look like in 1000 years? Good news for you, with Reflex Gaming’s 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox slot you get a little glimpse, but believe it it’s not a pretty sight. Indeed, the game plunges you into a chaotic world where terror and fear reign among the last survivors.

According to Reflex Gaming, the earth in 3021 would be the victim of a nuclear war which made the air toxic forcing the last inhabitants to take refuge in the underground mines. When these towns are attacked by criminals looking for loot, a hero named SK-1000 arises. This bounty hunter’s job is to protect the locals, and if you help him complete his mission, he’ll reward you with a juicy bounty.

Quite energetic music accompanies your in-game actions, with cityscapes of crumbling buildings and infrastructure. To this we must add characters such as cyborgs, mutants and aliens who are also part of the game.

3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox is a slot that has attractive features and the game concept is quite creative. If you like science fiction films such as Terminator or Invasion, then this slot machine will probably interest you. Reflex Gaming gives us a completely different game from what others are used to.

Many exciting features

3021 Ad The Bounty Hunter Gigablox

In this futuristic world, the objective as in most slot machines is to obtain the maximum possible gain in the 3021 Ad The Bounty Hunter Gigablox Slot. Payout symbols start with the card games that are the least profitable and offer only 2x the payout for 6 clubs, hearts, spades or diamonds. It follows the symbols of four fugitives of different colors that pay up to 8x the stake. In this game, the Wild symbol only appears in the bonus round, which is a bit of a shame.

At the start of the game, the character of SK-1000 appears very close to the reels with the possibility of detonating the Wilds present on the board. Payment options range from 20p to £100 per spin. With an RTP of 96.03% and a hit frequency of 16.05%, this game offers a winner from 6 rounds and sometimes 7. Its volatility is understood to be low, one could not expect that this slot machine offers a maximum win of 3714x the bet.

It is necessary to revise a little the different functionalities of the machine:

The Gigablox feature: this is the main feature of the game. Its main strength is that it can be active at any turn. It appears in an unpredictable and random way which makes the game even more interesting. Gigablox spawn in blocks of 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, and even 5x size.

The Bounty Hunter Wild Reel Bonus: it is activated from the moment the bounty hunter SK-1000 launches a salvo of shots on the reels transforming the symbols hit into wild symbols. The Bounty Hunter Wild Reel Bonus is available in both the base game and the bonus game.

The free spins function: it can be obtained when you get 5 free spin scatter symbols on the same spin. From there, you get 1 free spin for each Scatter and 9 free spins for a 3 x 3 symbol block. This feature also provides a multiplier of between 1x and 25x each time you hit a winning combination.

The paid bonus function: it is available at an amount of 100x the bet. Although it is just as interesting as the others, it is unfortunately not yet available in several countries including the United Kingdom.

After reviewing the game 3021 Ad The Bounty Hunter Gigablox Slot, you will find that Reflex Gaming has created an impressive slot machine with some unexpected features. And don’t forget to register wso in your online slot account for a bigger chance of winning when playing online slots.

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