The History of Sic Bo, the Dice Game from China

History Of Sic Bo – This Sic Bo game is very different from the European roulette or baccarat game. This Sic Bo game comes from the Bamboo Curtain Country. With the history of the following sic bo game, you will also get to know this game more and how the history of the game in each country and region is known by different names.

Throughout Asia, this game was formerly known as Da Siu which means Big or Small while in England or parts of Europe it was known as Grand Hazard. This game is also only played by nobles. Of course, we cannot imagine sic bo as you now know. In ancient times this game was played using wooden dice and a small bowl.

History of Sic Bo Game

History of Sic Bo Game

Sicbo or dice game played by Chinese royalty. Then this game was disseminated by immigrants from China in England. When this dice game became popular in England, Da Siu was made an illegal game in the world of gambling. It was not until 2002 that the game was licensed by a casino in England under the name of the game known as Grand Hazard.

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How to Play Sic Bo

The basic rule of this game is that there are 6 sides of numbers, ranging from numbers 1 to 6. There are several pairs of choices such as even, odd, large, small, numbers 1 to 6 (which represent each side of the dice), cross pairs and twins.

  • Even and Odd, you are required to guess, the number of dice results will be even or odd tails, the result that comes out is the winner.
  • Big and Small, you are required to choose between two options, big is for the number of three dice above 9, and small is for the number of three dice below 9.
  • Number Pairs, you can put numbers between 1 to 6, if there are dice that come out the same, then the dealer will pay multiples.
  • Cross Pairs or Twins, this cross pair is for those of you who are already professionals. You are required to guess two or more different numbers. While the pair of twins is a pair for all three dice that come out with the same number. This pair of twins is a jackpot pair because a big payout awaits you if the dice come out twins.

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