Kahnawake License Provider: Ideal Option for New Startups

Startups struggle to find the right options when it comes to getting gaming licenses. Kahnawake is one of the best providers that will give you a quick setup. Startup companies are always looking for the best but at an affordable price. 

Which is exactly why Kahnawake is the perfect provider because they are cheap, cost efficient, flexible, and offer quick setup. There are lots of other benefits that we will certainly be discussing today. 

Kahnawake is a respected jurisdiction because they have been operated for many years. People from all over the world is also familiar with this provider. 

Kahnawake is situated in the Mowhawk Territory which is located in Quebec Canada. They are famous for being a local license provider. Many offline casinos seek for their license through Kahnawake. 

Kahnawake is able to operate freely and autonomously in creating their own laws. In 1999, Kahnawake Gaming Commission is formed to regulate all of the online casinos and provider. 

There are up to 300 clients that actively applies and renew their licenses with Kahnawake. Kahnawake will bring out all types of benefits that you are seeking for. Let us look deeper into this jursidiction to learn more.

Benefits of Kahnawake Gambling License

Kahnawake has many benefits that are offered to their clients. The Gambling Commissions gives out laws that regulate the taxes. Kahnawake is now popular for startups and even more so in comparison that Curacao. 

Let us look at some of the main benefits of Kahnawake online license. Down below are some of the details regarding all of the benefits.

– Quick and time efficient

Making a Kahnawake license will not take you more than 3 months. As a matter of fact, Kahnawake has one of the quickest approval times. They are focused on creating a quick service and you can submit your documents on time. When doing so, then the process can be much quicker.

The process will take around 8 weeks in total. And then there is another additional 8 weeks so that all of your documents can be approved. Your jurisdiction can be approved after that and your online casino can now operate freely.

Process is Straight Forward

Applying for a Kahnawake license is much quicker than you might think. This jurisdiction requires their applicants to submit documents and the proper paperwork. Kahnawake asks for the similar documents as applied to other types of jurisdiction. 

Up to this date, the processing time is quick. You actually do not have to fill questionnaires such as in Curacao. There are even other regions such as Malta who requires their applicants to do interviews and meeting. 

You do not need to face such complications when you apply to Kahnawake. Anyone can literally register themselves and apply for a license with ease. You may want to engage with third party providers for additional help.

– Player Acceptance

Kahnawake is a jurisdiction that is always respectable to the highest regard. They offer high quality regulations that makes sure all of the players are protected. Any company who owns a Kahnawake gambling license will be considered as trustworthy. 

Players all around the world knows how popular Kahnawake is. They are responsible for giving players the safety to the games that will be played. Up to this date everyone can trust Kahnawake and it is not fraudulent at all.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission also does regular checks and is open to complaints. Which basically means that any company who violates the regulations will be under investigations. Some companies even face suspension if they are caught and proven to be fraudulent. 

Holding one of these license is also commitment for companies to provide games in a fair way. You can get your licenses canceled if you are proven and unable to meet the standards. Kahnawake’s Gaming Commission is very much against all kinds of unethical frauds. They are dedicated to keep the playing grounds safe. It is best that you keep providing games that are safe without any tricks at all.

Best Option for Startups

Kahnawake gambling commission is perfect for startups or even new businesses that has come to the market. Startup doesn’t have much budget to put out for licenses to begin with. Keep in mind that licenses are expensive and they can be very costly. 

Because there will be other types of fees such as renewal fees and maintenance. To keep it cheap you can apply in Kahnawake because it is very cost effective. All of the money that you have made from your clients can be put back into the company. 

You can reinvest all of the money and you don’t have to pay taxes at all. The taxes are cheap and companies have a huge opportunity of growing bigger. On top of that the money can also be reinvested for marketing and creating new features.

A startup company will eventually grow big and gain new players. And this case you can expand your business and get new licenses. You can even see that there are jurisdictions providing smooth transition. Companies like Fast Offshore is ready to help you with this process.

Tax Free

Applying to Kahnawake is way easier than applying anywhere else. They give fiscal incentives and other types of benefits such as zero taxes. Taxes can be really expensive even though they’re only 1%. Imagine you make a profit of around 1 million dollars and having to pay 1% in taxes. 

Smaller companies can benefit a lot from this because they can grow bigger easily. Not only small companies but usually huge companies also benefit a lot because they don’t have to pay taxes. You can focus and create your online casino into a bigger business.

– Application Fees and Renewal Fees

Applying for a license means that you need to pay application fees. The application fees is actually one of the lowest in the jurisdiction business. There are so many startups that can afford the application fees because they’re only worth a couple thousand dollars. 

Let us compare this application fee to other types of jurisdiction. There are jurisdictions such as Isle of Man which is much more costly. Small businesses can grow big by putting back the money into their company.

Cost of Kahnawake Gambling License

Kahnawake has so many fees that you need to pay attention to. The fees are small but there are several types of fees such as renewal fees and maintenance fees. One of the biggest considerations when you want to apply for a license is of course how much it will cost you. 

The cost itself is not that expensive because you are going to get many benefits in return. This is a part of the business because in order to get you also need to give first. No need to worry because we are here to explain some of the cost.

To make it much easier for you you can hire a third party license provider. There are many companies such as fast offshore. These types of companies are able to give you flexibility as well as a much more affordable price. 

Of course the cost of application fees will be different such as a few thousand dollars. And then there’s the renewal fee which will be much cheaper. Packages are also provided to companies who wants an all-in-one included service.

Let us look deeper into all of the things that will be offered in the license application:

  • Strategy and plans for business
  • Company merging 
  • Corporate structuring
  • Tax planning and managing
  • Payment provider negotiations
  • Maintenance and regulations

To start the application process, you can simply contact fast offshore and let them know about it. They are going to process the request of the clients as soon as possible.

Kahnawake License Turnkey Package

Next up let us talk about a cheaper way to obtain your license. Kahnawake gambling license is affordable and can be more affordable with this package. Some companies already have a partnership with this jurisdiction. Hence they are able to give the clients a much quicker service and will cost you even lesser. This package is one of the best deals to take if you are in need of an affordable service.

The package gives so many fiscal benefits. The benefits of purchasing the turnkey package are such as getting free administration, regulations, and fiscal benefits. You will also get an easy access to license and maintenance. The price of the package is much more cheaper due to the competition. The jurisdiction wants to get as much clients as they possibly can.

Getting this turnkey package will make sure that your business can run smoothly. You can then build your business in the most effective way.

Costs for Application

Let us get deeper into the cost and price because this may be the most important part. The application fee in itself is only $40 thousand dollars or $40,000. You may think that this is actually very costly. 

As a matter of fact, this is already affordable because you will be given the key person license. This license will last for 1 year and will have to be renewed again the next year.

On top of that, remember that there are several other fees. The fees that you need to remember and have to be paid annually are such as low corporate taxes and the settlement account. 

All of these costs to maintain your company will be huge at first. But do not need to worry because the fee is only expensive in the beginning. You can even negotiate later for sponsorship. 

Company Corporate Structure

Corporate structure is an important part of an online casino. In order to operate in Kahnawake, you must make your own company that is incorporated in the region. 

This process can be quite complicated because you will have no idea on where to start. That is why people often choose the turnkey package in order to get the fastest way. When applying for the turnkey package, you will also be given access to an offshore holding company. 

This will make it much easier for the gambling commission to maintain your company.

Companies are also given the chance to negotiate with many third parties. This is an additional feature that you will receive upon applying in Kahnawake. 

Negotiation is important so that you can open settlement accounts. After opening this account, you can then start receiving money inside the jurisdiction. 

Payment System

Payment provider is another concern that all companies must face through. You need your own corporate merchant account to funnel all of the profit that has been gained. Without this account, then it will be much more complicated to get money from all around the world. Taking the turnkey package will give you unlimited access to partnerships. 

One particular partnerships that will be very beneficial for an online casino is also known as Visa and Mastercard payment provider. There are several other financial service providers you can work with.

We also suggest that you may want to try newer alternatives for payment provider. There are many ways for a company to receive money. These choices are such as fiat currency and cryptocurrency payments.


Gaining a license may not be as hard as everyone thinks. The truth is that license can be daunting for new companies and new startups. You can get many choices of licenses to apply to. One license is of course different than the other. Just know that consultants and providers are ready to provide you with the help you need. 

Documents is a key importance to be submitted when you want to apply. This can be time consuming if not done properly. Try to consult to a third party provider. This is the best way so that you can get the assistance to do so.

What does the Turnkey Package Include?

The turnkey package is designed so that you do not need to put out much money at all. Down below are all of the things you can receive:

  • Offshore corporation: Your company will be integrated to the region of Kahnawake. This new company is registered under Kahnawake and does not have to pay taxes at all.
  • European contracting company: You will also get to choose a European contracting company. This is important because you will branch out into new markets. For example if you apply to Cyprus, this will give you access to the European markets. There are also other types of businesses that you can branch into. For example Asia, Australia, Brazil, and so much more. These regions may potentially cost you around up to 10% of tax. But it is not that much in comparison to the profit that you will be making
  • Assistance in applying for Kahnawake Gambling License
  • Corporate account: All of the payment provider will have to lead to a single account. Corporate account will connect all of those financial institution. 
  • Payment provider: Payment providers such as Visa and Mastercard will be available with the best rates. You can even get the fees as low as 0,5%. Once the business is up, then you can start receiving money instantly.
  • Consultant at any time: The package will also include the 24 hours of consultant and service. You can ask anything and get assistance in any problem. Hence building the online casino is so much easier.

Ongoing Maintenance for Kahnawake Gambling License

Kahnawake gambling license also needs to be maintained properly. Without proper maintenance, a company will break rules and regulations. Maintenance has to be done properly to fulfill the standards of the jurisdiction. This may be time consuming and complex at first. 

This is one of the cost of running a succesful business. Do not need to worry because there are ways in which your business can run smoother by hiring consultants. As long as you comply, then everything should be okay.

Consultants will also help you with managing all of the investment. Hence your business can keep growing seamlessly. Kahnawake is popular for its cheap annual renewal fees. These fees will be much cheaper than the original application fee. You will be able to get all of the pricing transparently. 

Kahnawake License Taxes

Kahnawake is just like any other region and there are taxes. Lucky for everyone because the taxes is actually set at 0%. Currently the laws in the Kahnawake gambling jurisdiction states that everyone do not have to pay taxes at all. Whether this is the 0% tax rate as well as the corporate taxes. 

Kahnawake even still complies with many regulations such as the one from the EU. So you can still operate in huge markets while avoiding taxes at all costs.

Kahnawake Gambling Commission

The Kahnawake Gambling Commission is a trusted board of regulators. They have been supervising all of the games and the clients. Up to this date, there are more than 300 huge names online that they supervise. 

This commission is issued in the region of the Mowhawk Territory of Kahnawake. You can even incorporate your company in Kahnawake for better benefits. 

Kahnawake is responsible for supervising and giving out licenses. They have been in this line of business since 1999 and gain popularity since then. Also read lightroom mod. Let us look deeper into why Kahnawake is reputable.

Kahnawake is quite tough on so many laws and regulations. This jurisdiction mainly priorities fairness and customer protection. That is why they do detailed inspections and investigations if there are allegations. 

There is no way for a company to try and cheat their customers. If they do so, then Kahnawake is able to give player protection and give insurance. Everyone will be treated fairly when they are playing under the Kahnawake jurisdiction.

Kahnawake Gambling Regulations

Kahnawake has always been a good regulator because they do not hinder growth. Your casino will not be heavily regulated. Instead all sides and parties will get the fair share of protection. Kahnawake have pushed out some rules that you can see down below:

  • To regulate and control the gambling industry under the jurisdiction of Kahnawake
  • Kahnawake is fair and will give consequences to company that does not comply
  • Prevention of any crime from happening. All businesses conducted must be done legally and with transparency. Payment providers must also be secured so that all transactions can run smoothly. Information about players has to be protected at all cost.
  • Protect underaged individuals from playing in online casinos.

Kahnawake jurisdiction has a great way to resolve problems if there is one. They are going to receive all of the complaints and then do an in depth investigation. There will be arbitration for the license holder. 

Kahnawake also provides a resolution officer to manage all of the complaints. Hence all of the license holders will be held accountable if there is a problem. 

There are dozens of third party providers out there that has been working hand in hand with Kahnawake. They are able to know the exact ways to fulfill the client’s needs. Starting from applying and maintaining the license in the best way possible. 

What are the Requirements to get a Kahnawake License?

Applying to Kahnawake may be demanding, but it is not as hard as people think. There are some things you need to prepare before applying for a license. First of all, you need to prepare all of the identity of the business owners. 

This must also include the directors and all of the other important shareholders. On top of that, you need to show a proof of funds. Proof of funding is important to show your legitimacy as a business owner. 

Documents must be submitted on time with the paper and other types of documents. After that, you can recheck again all of the papers to have a quick and efficient registration process. 

All of the terms and conditions have to be met in order to get a Kahnawake gambling license. Down below are the complete list of things to be prepared:

  • Original certification free of crimes for all the stakeholders (includes owner and directors)
  • Notarized copies of password (must be recent)
  • Notarized photocopies of birth certificate
  • Financial statements of all of the staffs and directors
  • Notarized photocopies of utility bills
  • Certification regarding all of the in game software provided by the website
  • Proof of domain
  • Proof of server host in Kahnawake

What kind of Kahnawake License are there?

There are several types of Kahnawake licenses. You need to know what license to get in order to get the right one. Right now, there are several operators with over 6 licenses in total. All of these licenses have a very similar purpose with slight differences. Also read traffic bot. You can apply to just two of them which are the most important ones. We will discuss them further down below.

– Client Provider Authorization

CPA or client provider authorization is important to have. This is the first license to have because this will be the proof of establishment. You can apply to this easily but this enough would not be enough. 

The client provider authorization is responsible so that you can conduct businesses in the region. You need to set your company and incorporate it inside the region. After getting the license, then you need to get the second license.

– Key Person Permit

Next up we are going to look at KPP. KPP is another permit to have and this has to be applied to a specific individual. Key person permit will make sure that a certain person will hold all of the responsibility of the licenses that already exist. The person who usually holds this license are directors or owners. Hence they can control their licensed company with KPP. 

Companies have to provide more than just one individual. Having more than 1 individual that holds KPP will be important as a back up. KPP will allow owners to make decisions and negotiate for future deals.

Kahnawake Application Process

Kahnawake is considered as very quick. The application process is around 5 to 8 weeks in total without delay. This can even be faster if your documents are set up right. Application fees are set at around 10 thousand dollars or $10,000. Also read money robot. There is a chance that your application will be denied and canceled. The fees paid will not be returned in case your company is denied a license. 

  1. The first step is to apply for the CPA license. CPA is important and this will represent the company. In order to apply, you need to fill in the application form. And then applicants are required to fill in the business entity information form and personal information form. Any high ranking owner and manager must fill in this form. 

    Anyone with the high ranking shareholder will also have to apply to the key person license. KPP will give the high ranking officials jurisdiction over the company.
  1. After applying, you must also have plans to start incorporating the company. Incorporating a company will be a bit complicated. You can hire a third party license provider to make this process much faster. Fast Offshore is a great recommendation to incorporate a contracting company, tax planning, and considerations.
  1. Next step is to make sure that you will fulfill all of the ethical considerations. Gambling games have a chance to cheat their players out and not give the winnings. Kahnawake has set regulations to make sure that there are policies. 

    These include fair play, transparency, player protection, and so much more. All of the operators must comply with these rules. Business owners must also supervise their websites from underaged players. All of this is a part of the player protection policy.
  1. The application process is deemed as complete only after the documents have been submitted. Applicants will have to wait around 4 to 8 weeks in order to get their license. 

    The process should be around 6 months in total. Within this time period, business owners will get both of the licenses needed. Now you can operate freely under the jurisdiction of Kahnawake.
  1. Within 12 months, the commission will also do a final review. You can get another license or renew your license. Usually many companies try to relocate to a much more expensive jurisdiction. This can be a choice if you have budget to spare.

Why is Kahnawake The Best Choice for Startups?

Startups do not have much money to begin with. But that is not the only reason. Let us look at some of the additional benefits:

  • Startups are able to access a license with low fees. This is much cheaper in comparison to other types of jurisdiction. Taxes and renewal fees will also allow businesses to develop.
  • Low fees also come with a very quick setup time. You can get the first license within 2 months only. Hence making new online casinos much more effective in applying for a license
  • Zero tax rate for all businesses including new ones and huge companies. Zero taxes can provide financially help for all of the business owners. 

About Kahnawake

Kahnawake region is set up in Mohawk Territory specifically located in Canada. The city itself is quite small with 8000 people. Most of the residents are employed in the gambling industry. Kahnawake is always adapting with the online casino business.

The jurisdiction is high skilled with a goal to always keep a high standard at a low price. Applicants can get high quality license without having to pay a hefty amount of fees and taxes. On top of that, licenses can always be transferred or even added. There are other types of license that you can use to upgrade your online casino. 

People might want to add other types of online casino games. Some of which are sports book betting, live casino, arcade games, slot games, and so much more. Feel free to contact this jurisdiction directly or get a third party provider to help you.