Mahjong Dark Dimensions: 5 Best Reviews 2021

Mahjongg Dimensions is a three-dimensional twist on Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe for the PC that has been given the Bejeweled Blitz treatment in under a minute. 

This unusual combination produces a game that is as entertaining, fast-paced, and addicting as the games that inspired it.

Mahjong Dimensions Overview

To start playing this game, it is a good idea to take a look at some important reviews here. 

1. The Control in The Game

The controls are the same as on the PC version. The A and D keys can be used to spin the puzzle, and you can make matches by clicking identical tiles that aren’t surrounded by other tiles. 

While the fundamentals of Mahjongg Dimensions will be recognizable to fans of Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe, the game’s goal is vastly different.

Your goal, similar to Bejeweled Blitz, is to obtain the highest score possible in under a minute.

2. The Scoring Mahjong Dimensions

In the game, speed is everything. You’ll earn points for matching pairs of tiles, and the faster you advance, the more your score will be multiplied. 

As long as you make matches in less than 3 seconds, every match you make will increase the multiplier. 

Nothing was more thrilling or devastating than seeing a 40x multiplier fly through the sky because we couldn’t create a match in time.

3. The Social Aspect from The Game

The social parts of the game are mainly reliant on your friends’ healthy sense of competition. 

The major objective in Mahjong Dimensions, like in Bejeweled Blitz, is to get to the top of your leaderboard and put all of your pals in their place.

Gifts provide a pleasant social touch to the game, since you’ll be able to send your friends special goodies that will help them improve their game, such as time boosts or starting multipliers. 

The creators have a good sense of timing as well. 

We were fortunate enough to witness an unique St. Patrick’s Day puzzle gift that transformed all of the tiles into shamrocks and pots of gold during our review.

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4. A Special Twist

Mahjongg Dimensions, like its larger download version, is a tile matching game with a twist. 

Instead of arranging tiles on a flat table like in traditional mahjong, the tiles form three-dimensional puzzles that need you to rotate the playing field. 

You won’t know for sure until you spin everything around if a tile’s match is hiding on the opposite side of the puzzle.

5. The Conclusion of The Game

Normally, we’re the first to call foul whenever a game has even the tiniest flaw, but there’s simply nothing to criticize here. Sure, having an upgraded version of the game built into Deluxe and linked to Facebook would have been nice, but that’s more wishful thinking than a complaint.

With so many simulation games clogging up the Facebook marketplace, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the platform also has other amazing games. 

The game Mahjongg Dimensions serves as a reminder of this. We can’t think of a better title to recommend to players searching for a new addiction with quick-fix gameplay than its game.
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