Mini Roulette Slot Machine: Roulette and Slot In One Game! Review

Read this review of the Mini Roulette slot machine to get a better understanding and insight to win the game big time!

Who knows how many times you’ve considered placing a few bets at Roulette, which many consider to be the queen of the casino, and thus of online casinos? But you eventually gave up, discouraged by the large number of possible bets that you were afraid of forgetting.

Today, thanks to Spribe, an original software provider that has created a suite of unreleased games, you can try your hand at a simplified version of Roulette that will not intimidate you. Mini Roulette, in fact, has very few rules and a limited number of possible bets. It has very simple and clean graphics and allows you to place quick bets even between engagements.

Mini Roulette, in fact, works on any device, including smartphones, even when the connection is not at its best. Learning how to play is very simple and will only take you a few minutes: the time it takes to read this review in which we will explain all of the features of Spribe’s Mini Roulette slot machine.

Mini Roulette Slot Machine General Description

Even if in an extremely simplified way, Spribe’s Mini Roulette slot machine will be very familiar to you at the first glance, because even if in a minimal way it includes all the typical elements of Roulette. The choice of colours is very apt by the programmers. The game’s background is green like the croupier table in online casinos’ Live rooms.

Then there’s the wheel, which rotates slowly on the left side of the screen and is divided into red and black compartments. The track on the right displays the wheel’s possible bets in great detail. The chips available for wagering are listed below. The word “paytable” appears above the track; if you click on it, you will see the win percentage for each possible bet.

The denominations of the chips range from one cent to ten thousand dollars. The unit of measurement is 0.01. Starting the game is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is choose a chip equal to the amount you want to bet and then click (or tap) on the tracking box that corresponds to your bet.

Next to the chips is a button that resembles an arrow and rotates on itself. By pressing it, the roulette wheel starts spinning until the ball stops in one of its segments, determining your eventual win, or sanctioning your loss.

Mini Roulette Slot Machine Symbols and Bets

It certainly intrigues you to know what bets you can make on the Mini Roulette slot machine. For greater simplicity, the number of possible bets is limited to the most basic options, as we previously stated. To begin, the wheel is not divided into the traditional 37 or 38 numbers. There is no zero, and only 12 numbers can be bet on.

The first type of bet you can make is, of course, on a single dry number. You can also bet on the colour or on odd or even, or try to guess if the ball will land on red or black, or on even numbers or odd numbers. 

Finally, you can bet on a group of numbers, attempting to predict whether the ball will land on a number between 1 and 6, or a number between 7 and 12. These are the options available to you, and placing a bet is simple, as the track shows you: with the 12 single numbers, Even-Odd, red-black, 1-6 and finally 7-12. Move the chip to the desired square, then start the ball, and the game is complete!

Other features of the Mini Roulette Slot Machine

When you play the Mini Roulette slot machine using real money, so after signing up or logging into an online casino on which you have a verified account, there are some additional features that may be activated. 

Spribe games are social games: you can see other people who are playing at the same time and even know how much they are betting while your game is in progress. You can start a chat with them, and the Rain Primo may activate during these chats, delivering Free Bets that you can claim.

You’ll notice that “Provably Fair” is written in English above the roulette wheel. Provably Fair technology ensures the transparency of each game session, and you can learn more about it by pressing the aforementioned writing.

The basic idea is that the outcomes of each game session are determined not only by the provider’s server but also by the players’ servers. As a result, each game has a distinct and unrepeatable code that cannot be compromised by any external intrusion. Furthermore, by clicking on the match history button, you can view the transparency of each game session. If you want to try other casino games experience, you can play slot , or poker at slot777 gambling sites.

Mini Roulette Slot Machine Conclusion

The Mini Roulette slot machine is one of the free casino games suitable for those who do not want to deal with too many complications. However, if they still want to feel the thrill of the ball spinning inside the roulette wheel, this game will still deliver. This Turbo Game Spribe is part of a suite that also includes Mines and Goal, which you can switch between at any time.

In fact, every game session is very fast, and when you get bored you can try a different game, and then maybe go back to Mini Roulette. You will surely want to use your money on Mini Roulette to take advantage of the promos offered by Spribe. 

All in all, thank you for reading this review of the Mini Roulette slot machine. Good luck!

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