Check Out the Statement Menu on Sbobet to Read the Betting History

Betting History – Football betting has now entered a new phase, namely judi online football betting. With an online system, soccer gambling is more practical and more accessible to soccer gambling lovers. There are also gambling companies that offer services to players. One company that has supported online gambling for the past decade is Sbobet. Founded in the Philippines, the company is the largest soccer gambling company in Asia and the world.

How to Display the Statement Menu for the Betting History

Football players often need to place football bets and with an online system, your previous bets are recorded on the website’s server. The company offers a website with many menus that can be used for different purposes. Then how can you view our betting history on online soccer betting sites? Here’s how:

Check Out The Statement Menu On Sbobet To Read The Betting History
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  • Open the instruction menu

To view the betting history, you can open the statement menu at the top. It is located between the “My bets” and “Balance” menus. Wait for the next operation until the next page has been processed.

  • Choose the time you want

As soon as the new page has appeared, there is a menu above it for selecting a date. If you would like to see your bet on July 10th, you can select that date from the menu. Then your betting log will be displayed.

Definition of the instruction table

The instruction menu on the Sbobet site has a table with its own meaning. Here’s what each table means:

  • Details

This column contains the ticket number, the sport, the date and time you placed your bet.

  • Selection

Includes the team you have chosen and the market.

  • Opportunities

As the name suggests, this column contains the odds of the game you are participating in.

  • Stake

The nominal wagering amount that you place on a bet is shown in this column.

  • Profit loss

This column is a column that shows the nominal money you won or lost. If the number is marked with a minus or “-“, you will lose the amount of money written.

  • Status

Usually includes a win, a loss, or a tie

Sbobet is the largest online soccer gambling company in the world. There are many menus on the website. Players confused about choosing a menu to view betting history should know how. Also, with the Sbobet website accessible online, you can easily review your betting records to see your winnings or losses. / Dy

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