40 Burning Hot Slot Review – RTP 95.90%

This business recently released the fruit-themed game 40 Burning Hot slot for Amusnet. Although the theme chosen for this game won’t wow anyone these days, it does have some merits that are worth noting, which we will discuss in the review that follows.

The Overview of 40 Burning Hot Slot Game

The game will support up to 40 active bet lines through the use of 5×4 reels. Although the game mentions four high-value progressive jackpots, it can also award payouts of up to $80,000. There are two different kinds of scatters, one wild, and a Jackpot Cards Mystery bonus that could award you one of the progressive jackpots.

1. Betting Options

While playing at Betwin4d Slot, the 40 Burning Hot slot’s betting structure appears to rely on fixed coin values of $1, giving the player control over the number of lines (up to 40) and bets placed on them. A line can be up to $20 if you place bets between $40 and $800. Within that range, a few fixed value wagers are available for selection.

One of the scatters will result in the fixed payout, which has a maximum value of $80,000. The values of the four progressive jackpots may be even higher. They range in value from the high four figures to the low to mid six figures, so there is more than enough to make you a content player.

2. Game Features

The lack of attention-grabbing features in the game may be due to the fact that it has a classic theme. There will only be a wild and two scatter symbols on the reels.

The Four Leaf Clover is the game’s wild element; you can use it to form new combinations, but never by itself because it doesn’t show up on all reels. The replacements can only show up on the second, third, and fourth reels. 

The wilds will take the place of symbols in those positions, but not scatters. It appears that wilds can replace any symbol that is required on the same reel, not just those in its position.

The Dollar Sign will be the first of the scatter symbols, moving on. If three to five of these symbols appear on the reels, rewards of up to $80,000 can be won. The game pays 100 times the wager value when these scatters appear, so that kind of value results from selecting the highest wager. 

The Purple Star serves as the symbol for the second scatter. You can win up to $16,000 if you land these on all three of the reels that they are permitted on, which are columns 1, 3, and 5.

The Jackpot Cards feature has four levels and is available at random times. It contains cards that must be revealed; once you uncover three of a kind, you win the associated prize. The four different progressive jackpots are each linked to a different card suit. For better understanding, find out what is slot volatility

3. Theme and Design

Regarding 40 Burning Hot slot’s graphics, not much can be said. Given that this game has a fruit theme, you will see many fruit symbols as well as other traditional symbols that have been used in the slot machine industry for many years. You have cherries, oranges, lemons, grapes, melons, purple stars, red 7s, four leaf clovers, purple stars, dollar signs, and gold bells.

Final Thoughts

The demo version of 40 Burning Hot slot is likely to be enjoyed by players who prefer straightforward online slots without too many frills. Even so, we believe it would have benefited from a more captivating theme. However, you can also compare this game to the Wheel of Fortune online slot

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