Curacao Gambling Jurisdiction: Optimum Solution for New Startups

Brand new companies are always looking for the cheapest jurisdiction and license provider. Curacao gambling jurisdiction is one of those regions that will give you gaming license the best price and one of the best quality. 

Curacao gaming license is already popular and they are very reputable. Up to this date their clients comes from many different countries and up to 450 casino companies. 

It is safe to say that Curacao is one of the most important jurisdiction out there and we’re going to learn more about them today. Many people ask and wonder why croissanto is one of the most cheap and accessible jurisdiction. 

They want to make their business model as cheap as possible so that more people can access it. Regardless of the pricing, they are also known as one of the quickest provider out there. Their license will only take you a couple of weeks to process. 

Regardless of any types of games you can also apply to one license for all. So for example for sportsbook needs and online casino needs you can have the same license.

The cheap price is ideal and optimum for startup companies because you don’t have much budget yet. But you also want to make the first move into the gambling industry. That is why we’re going to learn more about Curacao today.

Benefits from Curacao gambling jurisdiction

Curacao is known for its cheap and cost efficiency. Of course we’ve talked to you about this briefly but we’re going to dive deeper into all of their advantages. These benefits include the company as well as the clients themselves.

Quick and Cost Effective

Curacao is really quick in processing their client’s request. We could even conclude that their service is the fastest amongst all of the gambling jurisdictions out there. They will request documents that have been notarized. All documents must also be recent and that they are legal. A few of the shareholders will be requested of these requirements.

After all of the documents have been submitted, then all you need to wait is around 2-4 business days. This is extremely fast because most jurisdiction can take up to 2 weeks for the documents alone. If you have a tight deadline, feel free to check this out.

Next up, Curacao is also much more cost efficient. All of the setup and maintenance costs will be provided up front. You can see and predict all of the expenses.

Easy to Apply to

Applying to a jurisdiction can be cheap but it is a lengthy process. We have talked to you about how you need to compile the paperwork to do so. On top of that, you also need to setup meetings and fill out application forms. The negotiation process will also take time. 

But this is not complicated at all when you apply to Curacao. The requirements that they ask for is not as complicated. You can get a much quicker process when applying for a license.

Curacao still stands strong as the easiest jurisdiction to apply to. The bureaucracy is not as complicated and that the process is straight forward. 

Everything that is requested must be fulfilled in order for the license to be completed. You can test your grounds at an affordable price by using Curacao.

Amazing for Startup Companies

Curacao accepts all kinds of businesses including startups. They specialize in startup companies that are looking to build their company from the ground up. This allows smaller companies and businesses to test their website and get a small client base. 

On top of that your financial will be much easier to manage because the expenses are not so big. Of course you need to pay things such as application fees and maintenance fees. 

But you don’t have to worry about taxes because you can now reinvest 100% of your money into the business alone. You are not required to pay at all and this gives better accessibility for the company to diversify their market. You can also branch out into new games and try to provide better services. 

We highly recommend that you apply to Curacao gaming license because it is one of the best. It is one of the best license provider if it is your first time entering a market. 

You don’t have to worry about other types of licenses because you can transfer your license or apply to new ones later on. 

They give you easier flexibility and experimentation without having to put much money out there. You can start off by applying in Curacao and then expanding for a couple of years. After your business is successful enough then you can even apply to other types of jurisdiction such as Malta.

One License for All Needs

Curacao is effective because they are a one in all license provider. Whether you are a sports book website, poker, blackjack, and other types of games. 

All of these services only need one license. Other jurisdictions will require you to apply to different licenses and this can take so much more time. 

You even have to pay a sum amount of fee if you want to change game classes. In Curacao, an online casino can provide many games at once without paying mroe money.

The One License for all is effective because you can be a provider, developer, and operator at the same time. All business owners are welcome to offer different services. 

Such as casino games, sports betting, online poker, eSports betting, and so much more. You can really diversify your company’s interests and get better growth.

No taxes at all

Curacao is the home for all tax haters. Your company do not have to pay taxes at all upon receiving your revenue. Of course all of the income that you get and acquire must come from foreign countries. You have to pay additional taxes if the player comes from Curacao. 

This rule is permanent and that you do not have to pay taxes forever. This is one of the greatest things about Curacao. Companies are given tax breaks but the jurisdiction still complies with international regulations. So your jurisdiction is just as good as the others.

Requirements to Apply for a Curacao Gambling License

Curacao gambling license requires the applicants to provide many things. If you decide to apply to this jurisdiction, then you are going to have to look at some of the regulations. 

First of all, providers and third party consultants will require you to provide many information. The information that you need to provide are such as your identity, address, what your goal is. But most of all is how you are able to get your money. 

The Curacao Gambling Authorities will need you get all of these information and they must be notarized. This is a major requirement before you can apply for a license.

On top of that, each person has to complete a test known sa the fit and proper. This test will make sure that you have been a good citizen. Usually the fit and test will also include your country of origin, and the criminal misconducts. 

So make sure that you have no criminal record at all. And then there will be additional tests such as your ability to conduct operations of your company.

All shareholders who holds a name in the company must also provide their data. This is important so that the jurisdiction can have the name of everyone. This also includes directors, owners, beneficiaries, and officers.  

Down below are some of the other requirements:

  • Copies of legal passport (must be up to date with signature)
  • Certified photocopy of a recent utility bill
  • Fit and proper test result
  • Resume of career
  • Bank account transcript
  • Letter of reference from your lawyer
  • Certificates of all the games provided
  • Proof of website, server, and domain ownership
  • Terms and conditions from the company’s policies.

Cost of Curacao Gambling License

Curacao is a license with many surprises. The gambling license will cost quite affordable but it will be different to some factors. Individuals who want to build a small company will have much cheaper license cost. In comparison other types of companies such as the bigger ones that have already grew we’ll have to pay a much more expensive fee. 

Of course you can use a third party provider because each company have its different needs as well as different corporate structure. Keep in mind that you’re given the flexibility to do just about anything you want with this license.

There are many types of packages that you can pick from. For example you want a license with certain types of budgeting. And then you can also negotiate on the deals further later on.

A third party provider is important because they’re able to give you affordable pricing. Usually these types of third-party provider have a partnership with the jurisdiction. Hence when you rent or use them as a consultant they will also be able to give you a huge discount.

What is the Curacao Turnkey Package

I’ve talked to you before about some of the best licenses package that you can get. Several companies such as fast offshore has been working with the gambling jurisdiction for over 20 years. 

While doing so they’re able to have a partnership in which you will be given a specific deal. This package is known as the turnkey package. 

The turnkey package is a service that is easy to understand because it is suitable for new businesses. Upon getting this package then your company is able to get a license within 8 weeks. 

The time can be faster if the documents are prepared on time. Of course all of this is still within your own budget. The package will also take care of other types of regulations and maintenance fees. 

And usually this package is given to a company who only wants to do a one-time deal. You don’t have to pay again after that and this cuts off so many complications.

The Turnkey Package

The Turnkey package is specifically designed for all types of businesses. You can get this package if you are an entrepreneur, online casino, start up business, and so much more. 

You could even get a Curacao sub-license if you wanted to. The best part about getting this license is the pricing. Curacao is also competitive with their price and that they want more clients. 

The price to get a license is extremely cheap and cheaper than any types of other licenses on the market. The package also includes what is known as a corporate structuring. 

Maybe your company is still new and you need assistance in managing all of the corporate structure. This is important because it is one of the prerequisite of getting the license. You can start to market your online casino into the global market. 

There are a few countries that still prohibits gambling so you need to keep that in mind. The package will help set you up with deals, and open opportunities to sponsorship later on.

Corporate Structure

Getting the Turnkey Package also means that you are going to get consultation for corporate structuring. This will make your company so much more efficient and maximize profits annually. 

For example, companies will also be given a more optimized tax structures. Corporate structuring allows a much more regulated company with legal and easy management.

Payment Methods

All types of online gambling businesses will require payment methods. It is a way for their players to put money into the website. Payment providers will take a certain amount of percentage or fee every time a player does a transaction. 

Luckily, anyone who holds the Curacao gambling license can easily negotiate on this rate. So you can get a good deal and at a much cheaper rate. 

To do this, you need to find the market leaders and find a broader networking. Which can be obtained once you hire a third party service. The benefits are such as low fees and low rates.

In addition to the payment methods, you can also get help with setting up your corporate account. All companies will need a corporate account to make sure that the funds can be put onto one single account. This is much easier when you take the turnkey package, which allows access to international banks. Some of the providers that you can work with are Visa and Mastercard.


All casinos and businesses who apply to Curacao will get a sub-license. This sub license means that you will get one license that is applicable to all gambling games. Hence making sure that adding new games is much easier.

What does the Turnkey Package Include?

  • Offshore corporation so that you can get tax exemptions. This is an important feature because other regions may have a much higher tax rate. You can build an offshore corporation to get it around 0%.
  • Turnkey package also include way to incorporate your local company. You can now merge your company into a European contracting company. There are many countries that you can seek for. Take for example Cyprus. Cyprus is a great choice if you want to enter other types of market like Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Incorporating your company into a European Contracting company might even lower taxes and expand sponsors.
  • Sub-license from Curacao
  • Corporate account to accept payment from merchants and provider
  • Direct partnerships with payment provider such as Visa and Mastercard. This will give your customers more options to do their deposits into the website. On top of that, cheap rates will also be a part of the deal.
  • Alternative payment methods provided as a way to increase payment flexibility. There will be additional ways to pay such as Cash to Code, Paypal, Skrill, and so much more.
  • Personalized consultation if there is any trouble or any questions. You can directly contact the third party provider for additional help. This is a part of the deal so that your business can run in the best way possible. 

Contact Third Party Providers

There are dozens of provider out there. To get a provider such as Fast Offshore, then you can contact them and ask around about the active packages. These packages will come in really handy in saving time, money, and efficiency. You can also save money on taxes which will make your company much more profitable. 

Maintenance for Curacao Gambling License

Curacao gambling license will have to be maintained properly. A company has so many things that needs to be managed, specifically the corporate structure and tax accounting. As a company,you need to provide many reports, forms, as well as renewal fees. Renewal fees will have to be paid each year if you want to renew your license. Moreover, there are chances where you want to expand your business. Doing this would require your company to add new payment methods, adding staffs and etc. You might even want to change licenses.

To help with this process, there is Fast offshore that will manage with all of the ongoing maintenance. Maintenance should be quick and effective. So all of the things running in your company will be rechecked again. A company may not be able to manage everything at once. That is why a consultant may help you with making sure that your license is still complying with all the rules.

Renewal fees may also apply but no need to worry. The fees are still quite low and affordable for companies to apply to. Renewal fees are usually a bit cheaper than the application fees. This is also because of the fact that Curacao want to compete with other jurisdictions.

Curacao Gambling Taxes

Curacao has one of the world’s lowest taxes in comparison to other types of jurisdiction. They are famous because they never ask companies to pay taxes. There are two main types of taxes that companies usually has to pay which are the corporate taxes and the country’s taxes. You can generate revenue without having to pay taxes at all.

This is amazing because now startups can go in easily into the gambling industry. You can keep the costs low and maximize the profits. This tax law is permanent so you do not have to worry about sudden changes. There is no tax payable if your company is based in Curacao.

Curacao is the best choice for new companies that are still setting foot in the world of gambling. Especially because Curacao is already recognized as one of the biggest jurisdiction. You can then hop into better jurisdictions such as Malta if you want to.

Why is Curacao Gambling License The Best Choice for Startups?

As a startup, you may have a very limited budget to start your business with. There are many jurisdictions that may offer you the same or similar benefits. But the price point is different with each of these jurisdictions. Licensing can be very expensive, time consuming, and demanding. 

A startup must be able to operate within 1-2 months. You do not have much time because the business must be up and running. Curacao is able to meet the demands of many companies. You can even get a license as fast as 2 weeks only. This is amazing if you want to try a new platform. Maybe even offer a new type of gambling game genre. 

Everything is risky, that is why choosing a low cost license jurisdiction is a much better option. You can then try new options later if you want to. There are other companies that do the exact same thing. Transitioning to a better license can be done only after you have been booming and popular.

Curacao license is the best for startups due to the fact that you can set foot into the jurisdiction easily. You do not have much authority as a small company. Hence working your way up can be done easily by getting this license.

Being the first may not always be possible. But you can apply as soon as possible. When applying and making an online casino, do not waste any time at all. Curacao is the best choice and it is the only license that you need. It is still regulated, it is high class, and it is cheap. The procedure is straightforward without much complications. 

To start setting up your license, you need a license. This license must cater to all the games that you offer. Curacao is complete because they comply with European rules and regulations.

On top of that, Curacao has so many financial incentives to their clients. You do not need to pay taxes at all. This is ideal for small companies that are also looking for 0% VAT. 

History of Online Gambling in Curacao

Curacao started building their jurisdiction in 1993. Back then there were focused on offline casino for the first few years. After developing into a bigger jurisdiction, they are now focused on bigger markets such international gambling providers. 

They are a legal jursidiction and recognized all over the world in the year of 1996. In that same year, they created the Gaming License Authority. Having a gambling authority enables Curacao to make their own rules and regulation. 

Companies started looking for Curacao to setup their own casino quickly and hassle free. By the year of 2001, Curacao became one of the biggest online jurisdiction out there. There were not much competition in the world of licensing.

Nowadays, Curacao is regarded as an affordable and everyone’s choice. This is because their jursidiction is focused on expanding the world of online gambling instead of making huge profits. Companies are attracted to apply to Curacao mainly because of the financial incentives. 

On top of that, Curacao is also politically and financially stable. Hence making their region as a regulated jurisdiction that will not change any soon.

Curacao can be regarded highly due to the government that has been working extremely hard. The gambling commission also updates their laws and regulations regularly to comply with the international laws. The business friendly manner will certainly be suitable with any types of businesses that wants to be built in their jurisdiction. 

Who Can Issue Curacao Sublicense?

Curacao has many license providers. Hence they are now labeled as sublicenses. The Curacao Ministry of Justice had been appointing different sublicense providers. And there are only 4 holders that can legally provide license to companies. They are:

  • Cuberluck Curacao
  • Antillephone NV
  • Curacao License Interactive
  • Gaming Services Provider

Companies can choose one of these sublicense holders. You may also want to pick wisely because each of these license provider has different application fees. And one license may have better networking to certain types of games. Such as how the Gaming Services Providers is more suitable to slot based companies. Feel free to choose and we hope that this article has helped you.