How the Online Poker Gambling System Works

Gambling System Works – Online poker gambling games since the 2000s have developed. Many people try to play online poker with the aim of winning the game. Poker games are usually run by a bookie and a gambling agent. So, how does the online gambling system work in the world. Check this out!

Online Gambling Development

Currently entering the modern era the gambling system works is growing. There are various types of online gambling such as casino, online poker, billiards, sportsbook, and lottery. Like gambling sites in Indonesia, they are usually managed by big bookies in Asia.

In addition to the bookie, a pkv games online site also has agents and members. The currency used for gambling is usually Rupiah and Dollar. Generally, the development of gambling sites is also supported by advertising in online media. An example is the article entitled ‘Get Rich Just By Working 5 Hours a Day’.

Online poker site advertisements usually tell the success of the players. Even though how much gambling players win, the ones who get big profits are the bookies.

How the Online Poker Gambling System Works
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How the Online Poker Gambling System Works

For the people of online gambling players from Indonesia, they are familiar with playing in the three largest gambling sites in Asia. The bookie has the popular poker gambling site POKER99 and others.

Gambling bands do not have direct contact with gamblers. But it has an intermediary, namely a gambling agent. There are more gambling agents than bookies, even there are hundreds of agents in each city.

The way to check the number of gambling agents is to use Google Search. Write down the keyword ‘Online Gambling Agent’ and find surprising results. The search results show the number of gambling agents in Indonesia is more than 100 thousand agents. So that Indonesia has been named the country that has the most gambling agents at the Asian level.

How does the online poker gambling system work?In this case the gambling agent is a third party or intermediary. An agent gets authorization from the bookie so that he can distribute member accounts or IDs. In addition, gambling agents are in charge of receiving transactions from the site. The responsibility of the gambling agent is to accept member deposits and withdrawals.

Based on a study, a bookie can earn up to millions of rupiah in profits distributed by agents. The income received by gambling agents comes from commissions and bonuses.

The question of the bookies’ income comes from promotion, marketing, and the sale of chips from the site. However, no matter how high the income of agents and bookies, they still carry out illegal activities. Bookies and agents have no legal ties.

The existence of many online poker gambling agents is proof that the poker gambling market share in Indonesia is very large.

What is the difference between a bookie and a gambling agent

Bookies are gambling organizers that are unlikely to go bankrupt. Bookies are unlikely to become gamblers because they are the ones who finance the running of the business.

Unlike gambling agents, they can go bankrupt and close their business. Even many gambling agents lie by saying that playing as a bookie. In addition, some bookies also do not hesitate to join in playing poker or taking away player’s money. / Dy

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