The Reason Why Games Make You Unhealthy

The game industry in Indonesia is now growing rapidly. Everyone plays it from students to adults or workers. Games are considered by some as entertainment to be able to unwind after a long day at work.

But unfortunately, there are still many who don’t realize that games make you unhealthy if someone who plays games forgets time to rest

Games make you unhealthy because there are still many people who play games for a long time which makes them forget the time to rest. In fact, many people stay up all night just to be able to play their favorite game.

Of course, staying up too much is one of the reasons people will fall ill. Their rest time is wasted just for a favorite game. Someone who enjoys playing games will certainly continue to play the game until they lose track of time.

There’s nothing wrong with playing games to unwind after a long day at work, but of course people who play games should pay attention to their rest time. Don’t just because someone’s game forgets their time to rest, because this disrupts their rest and can cause pain.

People who lack rest or sleep irregularly will not be able to maximize their activities, both work and study. If in the world of work this can make a person’s productivity decrease, and for students of course this can be one of the causes of drastically declining achievement.

Games that are becoming popular in Indonesia itself are online games. This is evidenced by Indonesia, which has several times sent representatives to compete abroad.

The government itself really appreciates Indonesian youth who compete in a game and participate in making Indonesia proud. But of course that is not a reason that can justify people playing the game for a long time.

The government does appreciate the achievements of games for Indonesia, but the government also does not forget to remind the public to remember when playing games. But unfortunately there are many residents or people who really don’t pay attention to the appeal because they enjoy playing games


The Reason Why Games Make You Unhealthy

Don’t stay up late to play games because in the end people will label games make you unhealthy just because gamers often stay up late. Prolonged staying up will destroy our health. Don’t forget, that tomorrow we still have to do routines whether it’s work or school.

Health experts have suggested that the best time to play games is 2 hours a day. Play enough games because if you olay too much then the games make you unhealthy.

Compared to gambling, games are actually better in Indonesia because games can make Indonesia proud on the world stage. On the other side, gambling will only bring losses to the perpetrators and make the Indonesian state destroyed.

Even the government has banned gambling from circulating in Indonesia, both online gambling and offline gambling. Some types of gambling that are very disturbing include: online poker gambling, slot online, soccer gambling, and so on. Stay away from gambling and never approach it.

Limit your playing time so that the bad effects of the game, namely the games make you unhealthy, don’t happen to you.