The following is a how to quit gambling addiction that can help you or those closest to you who are addicted to gambling by starting to eradicate the problem at hand, namely


1. Honestly admit that you are addicted to gambling

The first step that must be taken as how to quit gambling addiction is to be introspective and graceful to accept the fact that you are really addicted to gambling. Initially, the regular addict gets caught in the denial stage. Emotional turmoil is very common in times like this, one side of your personality can act rationally and admit that gambling can destroy your life, while your dark side craves to gamble with an even stronger intensity.

2. Introspect on your life that changed completely after gambling

Avoid reminiscing about past victories. Now you just need to focus on how to quit gambling addiction which have a negative impact on your life. Start by listing all of your debts along with details of their outstanding payments, money borrowed from family and friends, credit card balances and cash, blank checks you wrote down, and debts you have to pay to the dealer.

Also reflect on how your physical health is a result of your gambling habits? You will find various kinds of addictions such as smoking, drugs, and / or alcohol, as gambling companions. Are you often depressed, anxious or afraid, often lie, often feel guilty, ashamed of deteriorating self-quality?

Losing a friend, spouse, your job, failing to get a promotion or demotion in the office because of being caught gambling whether it also brings changes in your life or being arrested by the police while gambling, or being taken to court for domestic violence issues, or having other legal problems as a result of your addiction?

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3. Find out the real reasons you are gambling

Some of the common reasons people gamble include finding joy, forgetting problems, seeking self-justification, getting extra money from winning, gambling helps you to socialize, overcoming depression or boredom, to long-rooted habits without knowing why. That is a serious matter you should be focus on how to quit gambling addiction.

4. Be honest with people you trust

One of the ways on how to quit gambling addiction is that you have to honestly tell a trusted friend or family member about your problem. Gathering the positive support from people you believe is the way to deal how to quit gambling addiction which will help strengthen and reinforce your rational side and kill your gambling cravings. It is not easy to open up to friends or family members about addictions. It is often the most difficult and worrying part of the whole healing process.

5. Block your access to gambling

One of the ways on how to quit gambling addiction which is quite extreme is to block your access to the types of gambling that make you addicted, which need to come to the casino. It also covers all access to all and all forms of gambling. This will end your habit with the help of your trusted person. Of course, you will be less likely to stay away from gambling sites and apps than if you were to try to quit on your own.

6. Let trusted people control of your finances

Enlist the help of your trusted person to temporarily manage all your finances, for example, within four weeks. By giving other people you trusted to access to take control of your money, a bank account or credit card, your burdens will gradually be lifted and this will make it easier for you to continue your life without the shadow of gambling.

7. Find Other Activities that Are Healthier

Shutting down all your access to gambling resources will not immediately eliminate your desire to gamble. So, as with trying to beat any other addiction, it’s important that you seek out a variety of healthier activities to keep your body and mind busy. Thos sooner or later you will forget about all games u knew such as, lucy poker, paito warna sgp, HK lottery, etc.

8. Get Professional Help

If your gambling addiction becomes unbearable and you begin to feel stressed, depressed or anxious, consult a doctor. The standard treatment for gambling addiction is cognitive behavioral therapy, in which a therapist and addict work together face-to-face to change destructive behaviors and thoughts.

So, those are some ways how to quit gambling addiction that can be done towards a better life.