How to Spot Keywords on Poker That Reveal Opponent’s Leaks

Stereotypes can be useful for predicting a player’s habits, but keywords are significantly more precise. Listening for “trigger” phrases that show how someone approaches the game is something all players should aim to do at the table.

Absolute statements are the sort of trigger I will be focusing on in this essay about how to spot keywords on Poker that reveal an opponent’s leak. Then I’ll go through a couple more examples of leaky assertions.

What Exactly Are Absolutes?

How to spot keywords on Poker that reveal an opponent’s leak? Absolutes are statements that presume a fact about a person, animal, group of people, inanimate object, or another subject.

Here are a couple of brief instances of absolute assertions made by a fictitious player named Bill at the poker table:

“Andy is never bluffing there.”

“Vincent’s always got AA.”

“Ann never has a hand. She bets a lot.”

Absolutes are mostly determined by our short-term memory, which is prone to prejudice. Focusing in absolutes can lead to players like Bill reaching excessive conclusions based on a limited sample of hands.

How to Spot Keywords on Poker That Reveal Opponent’s Leak at First Case

How to Spot Keywords on Poker

“Andy is never bluffing there.”

Andy is a young woman whom Bill has witnessed play three hands in the last two hours.

She raises from the cutoff and places three mid-sized bets on K♦ T♦ 4♣, turn 8♣, river T♥ against Bill, who is placed in the big blind.

As Andy places her river bet, Bill promptly reveals K♥ 6♥  and folds. Bill’s pal approaches him and asks why he didn’t even think of calling with a king, to which Bill responds, “Andy is never bluffing there.” She hasn’t dealt a single hand all night.”

Hand Analysis from How to Spot Keywords on Poker That Reveal Opponent’s Leak

With so many missed draws in Andy’s range (AQ, AJ, QJ, J9s, 97s, 76s, diamonds, clubs), Bill should at least consider calling on the river with his hand, especially because he only blocks one combination of a missed draw 7 6). 

Furthermore, She may be cautious to place a value bet with a hand like AK, KQ, or even AA since the river paired a card that Bill almost surely has.

That’s not to suggest Bill shouldn’t call sometimes over-folding vs river aggressiveness a good adjustment. However, with such a fantastic hero calling hand, a snap-fold and a firm statement shows a lot about his game.

Let us consider the absolute statement’s validity from how to spot keywords on Poker. 

Statement Analysis of How to Spot Keywords on Poker

Bill had seen perhaps 60 hands at the table in the last two hours, excluding the five he missed when he went to the bathroom. That implies he’s seen Andy dealt 55 hands, of which she’s only played four.

Meanwhile, Bill has been quite the card collector, scooping up AA, KK, and AK five times in a row. He’s also examined a couple medium pocket pairs and suitable connections. As a consequence, Bill has played about 12 of the 55 hands given to him. Andy has a substantially lower VPIP than Bill in this sample. 

If you’ve ever played live poker, you know how simple it is to catch nothing but garbage hands for a couple of hours. Andy may be a highly aggressive player who has just been card dead this session, for all Bill knows.

How to Exploit Bill?

As we know, Bill makes large inferences based on untrustworthy little samples. Here are a few circumstances in which you may use that information versus him:

Scenario 1 

In your short session with Bill, you’ve been dealt a number of terrific cards, but only a handful of them have gone to showdown.

Because you’ve played so many hands, Bill is probably thinking you’re a bad player in this circumstance. Expect him to play looser in comparison to your openings and adjust appropriately.

Scenario 2 

Your opponent called after you bluffed on the river.

Bill will almost surely call down vs your bets after witnessing you bluff off your stack, regardless of how strong or typical the bluff was.

Absolutes are a valuable source of knowledge at the poker table since they provide a highly accurate road map for how a player like Bill would play against you. Don’t hesitate to play slot gacor which is currently hot.

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