Master Joker Slot Review RTP 96.46% (Pragmatic Play)

Are you looking for the Master Joker slot review? One of the more unique releases from Pragmatic Play that you’re likely to see is this game. Even though it has the conventional number of reels, the game innovates in terms of how many symbols you get on each one while still using the well-known Joker motif as the basis for its plot.

Explanation of Master Joker Slot Review

Despite the fact that there is just one row of symbols, the game’s standard 5 reels and 1 active line are still there. Following the formation of regular winning combinations, a Wheel at the top determines the type of multiplier that will be used. 

Additionally, a Joker, which serves as a substitution and Wheel trigger, allowing you to win anywhere. The top payouts in this game, which has an RTP of an impressive 96.46%, can reach up to 10,000x.

1. Betting Options

Here, in Master Joker slot review with just 1 payline, you can bet as little as $0.001 or as much as $100. Since there is only one available line, everything is directed toward that one.

Due to the maximum bet size of $100, the game can pay out up to 10,000 times the stake from that round, or up to $1,000,000 in total. On the Pragmatic scale, this game’s volatility is High, or a 5. They maintained a high RTP of 96.46% as well.

2. Game Features

Explanation of Master Joker Slot Review

It is obvious that Master Joker slot review’s characteristics are anything but standard for a modern slot machine. Since there is only room for one row of symbols, there can only be one active line at a time. However, there are the customary 5 reels, so you may still make your combinations in a customary manner. 

On the plus side, the customary three or more matching symbols that must show up close to one another can appear anywhere on the line. They may appear in the middle three locations as well as from left to right or right to left. You are still paid.

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The game states that wins can occur from any location and that multipliers up to 100x will be applied, provided that the Joker lands on reel 3. As the game’s wild card, this Joker will be a part of any winning combination that is created. 

One of the intriguing features of this substitution is its capacity to combine both the first two symbols to land left to right and the last two to land right to left to form a winning combination. Even though there are only 5 symbols on the line, the wild can still be used to create two sets of three symbols.

When this Joker wild forms part of a combination, a Multiplier Wheel also activates. The prize for the round is increased by the 2X to 100X multipliers that are selected by the wheel’s rotation. This is how the slot’s typical 100x top payouts might go to 10,000x.

3. Theme and Design

The Joker is a clear indication that the topic is a classic one. Additional symbols in the game include Lucky 7s, Gold Bars, Melons, Plums, and Cherries. 

Despite their excellent design, the game’s symbol selection isn’t nearly as creative as the rest of it. At the bottom are a set of five reels, and up top is a wheel that can spin to reveal multipliers.


In conclusion of Master Joker slot review, the game seems like a unique and entertaining game with lots of potentials and the high volatility typical of such a slot. You can play at a gambling site or Angkasa 168. It seems like it will be enjoyable for the players.