Poker Strategy – Tips on How to Play Poker

Poker Strategy – Are you new to poker? Nowadays people learn poker to play one certain way and win all the different stages of the game. Some-time people would rather get-rich-quick and let the law of attraction do the rest, but truth is that approach just won’t work for everyone.

Rich Allen’s poker book can teach you how to play premium poker in a systematic and advanced way. Even if you have no idea how to play, you can put a little money in your pocket knowing that you’ll be able to hit the profitable pote-trap, which is much easier than spilling your compost.

The problem with poker, whether or not you like to admit it, is that it is a game of negative expectation.

You only have a slightly better chance of being killed by lighting than you do of leaving the casino a millionaire, which is why Las Vegas continues to sit on top of the world instead of lending its profits to charities, as it should.

In order to turn poker into a positive expectation game, you need toFirstly, stop playing for the sake of playing. You’ll slowly drain your bankroll and never get ahead.

Bankroll managementis simply a matter of matching your bankroll with an appropriate betting percentage. Many amateurs have no idea how to calculate their percentage.

If you aren’t sure what that is, you can ask any professional card counter how many times their plays will be 30 or 40 times, not once or twice.

If you consult the tourney player poker rule guide, you’ll get the answer. This doesn’t mean you should automatically bet everything you have every hand, but you need to give yourself enough of a chance to make a hand and win.

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Poker Strategy To Give Your Chance To Win

The next consideration after bankroll management is to decide which hands you will play before you decide which hands you will play on. Your grasp of hand rankings will dictate whether you should open with a strong hand or still exit the hand with a weak one.

If you’re uncertain of the hand rankings and can’t afford to invest any more money into the pot than you can comfortably afford to lose, it is better to just fold pre-flop than to make a call that could turn out to be a fatal mistake.

Some people swear by counting cards to determine whether they have a strong hand or not, the principle being that if you know what cards you have you will always know whether you have a strong hand or not.

This can be done whether you are playing online or offline. If you’re playing online, for example, you could use a program called Pokerhand Manager which tracks the cards for you and will tell you the number of hands.

You have been playing as well as how many pots you have been losing, winning, etc. If you have no idea how to use this technique, you could use a program like Holdem Indicator to tell you.

For the internet user, a lot of information can be absorbed by just surfing the net. You may want to keep an e-book open to a bookish website for a while to absorb the subtleties of poker.

The subtleties are not difficult to master, but for some people they are very uncomfortable to think about.

If you are one of those people who just loves to play the game, but if you are someone who wants to win money but still enjoy the game, poker can be a really fun and rewarding experience.

Just remember to practice with caution and enjoy the process of learning how to play poker, but don’t rely on it as your primary means of income.

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