What Makes Tomiyasu Special for Arsenal

Tomiyasu is dealing with Arsenal with the £17m fee transfer. The news is not really surprising. Not as surprising as the news of Ronaldo, though. But it is still great news for most people. What makes this player special is that Arsenal wants to make that bid. Is it possible that he will lift up the Gunners’ rank significantly?

Signing Tomiyasu After The Interest of Hotspur

Signing Tomiyasu After The Interest of Hotspur

Signing Tomiyasu was such a big deal because the rival of Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur were rumored to have a deep interest in him, as well. Previously, many soccer fans think that this Bologna defender would join the Spurs. The fact is that he is now ready to help Arsenal’s defense. Besides, Spurs have made a decision in signing Emerson Royal, the ex fullback of Barcelona.

The pursuit of Spurs’ of Royal has given Arsenal a chance to hire Tomiyasu. It seems that he will replace the position of Hector Bellerin who left Arsenal for signing at Real Betis. Now, the question is, why is this man really so special that Arsenal really wants to sign him? Is there any quality that will bring significant changes to Arsenal’s decreasing performance?

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Reliable Defender 

Takehiro Tomiyasu has been such a reliable defender, yet, he is still very versatile. This 6ft 2in man can be a center back, right center, right back, and also half back. Born in Fukuoka, his talent might be very similar to Cesar Azpilicueta, the Chelsea stalwart. His ability in various roles is very proficient as can be seen from all his performances.

He started his career when he was still nine years old. He was playing at the local soccer club, Avispa Fukuoka. His progress was very significant as a kid, as he tried to make a debut at the team when he was 16 years old. His dream of playing at any of the European soccer clubs came true when he joined –Truiden in the 2018/2019 campaign.

Then, Bologna was giving a great interest upon his performance. The club signed Tomiyasu in 2019 with a transfer fee that reached £7million. Such a great amount for a very ‘little experience of European soccer’ young man. At that time, he was still 20 years old.

Tomiyasu was becoming the center of attention when he was in Rossoblu. His performance was always consistent as he always performed his versatility without any flaw. He has played seventeen times as a central defender. Meanwhile, he was making an extra 16 appearances at fullback.

The Reason is Crystal Clear 

Of course, the struggle in defense has urged Arsenal to hire this man. Being conceded nine goals within three matches is bad news for a team with a good name. At the opening game of Arsenal vs Brentford, Arsenal’s defense was such a great mess. The loss against Manchester City was such a great shame. It means, signing Tomiyasu should be the main aim for strengthening the defense. As a 22-year-old defender, he is still very strong to play the full game.

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